We Help Teens Start and Build their own businesses using a low-risk method


in yourself, your ideas, and your ability to achieve.


a business, and ultimately, your future.


your full potential in business and life.

The Startup Academy brings a real world experience in business and entrepreneurship to our students. . . There is nothing better than our students having to make decisions based on reality, not just theory.

Jesse Meeks
Director - Merit Academy

This was literally a life changing experience for me!

Startup Academy Alumni

I learned more in one week with The Startup Academy than I have all school year!

Startup Academy Alumni

The Startup Academy has helped me fulfill my dreams of owning my own company.

Startup Academy Alumni

Wow! I have learned more about business and entrepreneurship in this last month than I ever have before thanks to the @the_startup_academy! I would suggest taking their classes if you are serious about improving your life in entrepreneurship.

Startup Academy Alumni